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Hi, I’m Joseph Sheard, the owner of TurfGrass Experts LLC. I have spent my career in the green industry developing the very best fertilization and weed control programs for lawns. With my main focus always being lawn health, my team and I use premium products to promote root growth, prevent disease and make your lawn the best on the block! Every employee of TurfGrass Experts is a State of Ohio trained or certified applicator, and is skilled in customer service.

We service the Greater Cincinnati area including Hyde Park, Mount Lookout, Oakley, Columbia Tusculum, Anderson, Turpin, Montgomery, Wyoming, Evendale, Sharonville, Kenwood, Madeira, Indian Hill, Terrace Park, Milford, Loveland, West Chester, Mason, Cherry Grove, Mount Washington, Beechmont, Woodburn, East Walnut Hills and Parts of Northern Kentucky. Give us a call today for a free consultation or quote!


Fertilization and Weed Control

☆☆Our Most Popular Option☆☆

6-Step Lawn Application Program

  1. Crabgrass pre-emergent
  2. Blanket weed spray
  3. Early summer fertilization + weed control
  4. Nutsedge and crabgrass spot treatment
  5. Fall fertilization + weed control
  6. Winter fortifying fertilizer

Starting at just $55.00 per application

As low as $330.00 for the season!

ADD ON: Add 3x Fungicide Apps!
(Vital for Irrigated Lawns and Shaded Areas)

  • Preventative fungicide applications applied spring, summer and fall prevent diseases such as ​red thread, dollar spot​ and ​brown patch​.
  • Lawns that are irrigated/regularity watered are most susceptible to moisture related issues/fungus

Starting at $150.00 per application!

Have Specific Needs?? Call or Email for a FREE expert consultation. We will set up a custom program for your lawn!

Tree and Shrub Treatments

☆☆We Offer Free Plant Health Evaluations☆☆

Tree and shrub care is a vitally important step to keeping your home beautiful and pest free. Your landscape is an investment of both hard work and time. Protect that investment with preventative disease treatments, pest control and regular feeding!

Deep Root Feeding (Trees)

  • Deep root feeding, or “root injection” is performed once per year. This method of feeding is effective on trees of any size- from new installs to 50+ years old.
  • The purpose of deep root feeding is to assist with recovery from summer heat and stress. Fertilizer injection will counteract defoliation,  maintain regular growth and prevent leaves from losing color and dropping too early.
  • Root injection is the most environmentally conscious way to feed trees. The fertilizer is applied 3-5 inches into the soil, which reduces potential run off and feeds directly into the root zone of the tree.

Pest Control and Prevention (Insecticides)

  • Insecticide applications are applied in liquid form to boxwoods, arborvitae and other commonly afflicted plants.
  • These applications will prevent and treat pests like Psyllids, Bag Worms and Spider Mites.
  • Insecticides are applied twice per year to the designated shrubs, and once per year in the lawn for fleas, tics and similar pests.
  • We also offer mosquito misting (7 visits) for existing lawn application clients.

Seeding and New Lawns

☆☆We are Seeding Experts☆☆

The best way to suppress weeds naturally is with a thick lawn.  We offer bare spot repair, slice seeding, and aeration and seeding services.

No luck growing grass? We can help!

Slice Seeding (Starting at $200.00)

  • Slice seeding is used to fill in large bare areas or establish a new lawn.
  • When slice seeding is performed, any bare dirt spots will be hand seeded and covered with seed aide for moisture retention.
  • Starter fertilizer should be applied after slice seeding to promote root growth.
  • Regular crabgrass pre-emergent should not be applied if spring seeding is planned. Ask us about other ways to suppress crabgrass in newly seeded lawns!

Fall Aeration and Seeding (Starting at $250.00)

  • Aeration relieves compaction in the soil and paves the way for new seed growth.
  • Pulling plugs, or “core aerating” allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass and helps the soil become more porous.
  • Typically done in the fall, aeration and seeding is a great way to increase turf density and culturally control weeds.

New Lawn Seeding (Starting at $0.25 per square foot)

Don’t Let Your Landscape Contractor or Construction Company Use Seed and Straw!!! Seed and straw is an antiquated method of seeding, usually used to cover up a poor grading job or bad site preparation.

Our New Lawn seeding starts at just $0.25 per square foot, with a $200.00 minimum. Call or email for a quote!



Our hours of operation are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday Feel free to email any time, or leave a voicemail to get in touch after business hours. We service the Greater Cincinnati area including Hyde Park, Mount Lookout, Anderson, Turpin, Indian Hill, Loveland, Madeira, Mariemont, Kenwood, Sharonville, Evendale and Blue Ash.

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